Union membership has many benefits such as, better wages, job security, employee rights and safer working conditions. Most unions in the USA offer healthcare policies that assist with substance abuse and mental health treatment

Union membership brings with it many benefits. Among them, better wages and job benefits, better job security and employee rights, and safer working conditions. Most US unions offer members healthcare policies that assist with problems related to substance abuse or mental health. These policies allow individuals to benefit from better addiction treatment and healthcare than if they were not unionized. Often, however, union members are unaware of the level of coverage they have access to. Also, they may not know that these facilities are available to them without compromising their careers or their privacy..


The Psyclarity Health Massachusetts team works with unions and labor organizations to help both union leaders and their members face the difficulties of substance use disorders, along with the life challenges that may occur. The center has strong associations with various unions, as well as referring professionals representing Employee Assistance Programs. The staff at Psyclarity Massachusetts consists of qualified professionals, including case managers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists who understand the issues related to maintaining professional duties while coping with a substance use disorder.

Addiction may also co-exist with other mental health issues, making treatment more complicated. The combination of the two can lead to relationship issues, both at home and in the workplace, creating conflict with employers that may result in employment penalties or even dismissal. The resulting side-effects can end up in long-term unemployment and further mental health problems.


In working with unions and labor organizations, Psyclarity provides various services to benefit members, starting with confidential inquiry services. Often employees avoid seeking substance use treatment because they are afraid of the repercussions to their careers if their employers find out that they have a problem. A toll-free line enables them to discuss confidential issues without fear. They can discuss what to do in the event of a failed drug test, or how to commit to inpatient care without losing their jobs.

Many employees are unaware that the law is on their side in such instances, and that employees may not discriminate against staff members who actively seek out assistance for substance abuse disorders. Advice is also available to the family of union members, for instance in seeking advice for helping a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem. A sound relationship with a specialist such as Psyclarity Health allows unions to provide more comprehensive support to their memberships and ensure optimal health and productive lives.


Psyclarity Health Massachusetts patient-centric programs are ideally suited to union members requiring specialized addiction treatment or mental healthcare. The facility is tailored exclusively for professionals requiring discrete, private solutions to substance abuse issues. Psyclarity’s caring staff specialize in crafting patient-centric programs implementing innovative drug and alcohol rehab. Incorporating the future of rehabilitative medicine, the team at the inpatient rehab center integrates dynamic therapeutic technologies and wellness with advanced clinical modalities. Psyclarity Health MA has a strong aftercare plan that helps patients maintain sobriety after they have completed their treatment.

Our facility offers the following:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Life-skills Courses
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Relapse Prevention Training


Psyclarity Health Massachusetts believes that a company’s employees are its most valuable asset. Many careers can result in high levels of pressure, which can lead to employees developing a substance abuse addiction. Addictions have many negative effects in the workplace and can lead to increased absenteeism, tardiness, poor hygiene, and intoxication during work. These habits can reflect poorly on the individual as well as the company, if not properly treated.

The programs we offer benefit the company by:

  • Managing Non-Union and Union Employees
  • Increasing Staff Morale
  • Assisting Addiction Recovery
  • Improving Office Performance


Addiction can be overwhelming, and employees may be concerned that seeking rehab may cost them their jobs. Working with unions and labor organizations, we ensure the necessary procedures are followed in accordance with the Employee Assistance Program.

Programs are dedicated to the wellness of company employees . Working with company EAP officers ensures the interests of both employees and companies are maintained. Members may access a toll-free line to discuss their situations with qualified addiction specialists to learn what their options are.


Psyclarity Health Massachusetts is dedicated to discrete, effective treatment, at a premium rehab facility in Massachusetts. Various protocols are combined specifically for each individual. The goal is to return each patient to a healthy, fulfilling life with the skills needed to maintain a positive outlook and good relationships both at home and in the workplace.

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Psyclarity Health Massachusetts is also able to assist with relevant documentation to facilitate an employee’s return to work. Following extended medical leave, it is necessary for a patient to be deemed fit to resume duties. Depending on the workplace, an employer will have different regulations for when an employee can return to work. Typically, a healthcare provider would need to submit a form verifying that they’ve taken care of any issues. Union members can also consult with leadership to clarify these details.