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Healing Starts At Home

At Psyclarity Health, we know that drug and alcohol addiction affects the whole family.

Where there is addiction, entire families are hurt, and lives are destroyed.

This is why we believe that healing and recovery must encompass the whole family. All our treatment programs place great emphasis on family support and inclusion in recovery.

By mending the broken ties caused by addiction, your loved one is set up for a greater chance of success in long-term recovery. But more than this, we know that you and your other loved ones need to heal too.

You need to truly understand addiction, and its impact on you and your relationship with your loved one who is an addict, in order to transcend it and find true healing.

Benefits For me

For my Family

For my referring professional

Full Spectrum Family Support and Involvement

Here at Psyclarity Health New Jersey, we take pride in whole-family healing. We have designed our full treatment and therapy complement to include family support and group therapy activities.

We know that whole-family healing is pivotal to favorable long-term outcomes.

If your loved one feels understood and supported and can feel that their vital relationships are being restored, they are more likely to succeed in long-term sobriety.

And we know that it is about you too. You need to build a relationship with your loved one again, restore the trust, and bridge the rifts caused by their addiction.

To support whole-family healing and ensure your loved one’s greatest chance of success, our services have been created to help you, your family, and your loved one battling addiction.

Treatment For Your Loved One

We understand that admitting you have a problem is the first and most difficult step you can take to get your life back on track.

To help you help yourself, every step of the way, we offer the following services:

  • Intensive structured therapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, moral recognition therapy, assertive group treatment, support groups
  • The flexibility of living at home while still receiving regular outpatient addiction treatment
  • Mobile App Coming Soon – Specialized engagement app that enables treatment to continue throughout your loved one’s lifetime
  • 2-3 individual counseling sessions a week
  • Access to comprehensive mental health care
  • Comprehensive family therapy
  • Clinical monitoring of medication and medical needs

Treatment That Encompasses The Whole Family

  • Speciilized family program to support al loved ones and their concerns and needs while your family member is in recovery


  • Frequent and comprehensive communication so that you undersstand what your loved one is going through, their progress, and how to support them


  • Regular family therapy sessions, held in person


  • Family liaison for post-treatment planning


It is never too late to help your loved one, and to repair the damage caused by addiction.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you every step of the way in getting help for your loved one.

From a simple phone call to find out your options, to support in staging an intervention, and extensive communication and clarity on each step of your loved one’s treatment program, we are here for you.