Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Recovery Resources, Lynnfield, MA

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There are many addiction treatment programs that service the Lynnfield area. With state-of-the-art Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis treatment centers, the care and specialized services on offer in and around the area of Lynnfield are some of the best. These resources will help those suffering from addiction to recover and regain their true happiness and return to their lives with new-found internal balance and well-being. Addiction is not something you have to face alone.

Inpatient Addiction Programs Lynnfield

  1. Riverside COmmunity Care Outpatient Center

An outpateint center offering a variety of services to all ages, covering a multitude of mental health issues and addictions.


  1. Family Continuity Peabody

A family-focused outpatient facility offering therapy to adolescents struggling with addiction or mental health. This facility specialises in family therapy sessions.


  1. Lynn Community Health Center INC

A center offering therapy as well as treatment options. This center caters to dual-diagnosis patients and offers group therapy.


  1. Arbour Counseling Services Woburn
    A facility that will cater to a variety of needs and will also accept clients referred by the judicial system.

When it comes to inpatient addiction programs, the Lynnfield Massachusetts area has some of the best-tailored treatment services on offer to those suffering from addiction. Many of the inpatient programs on offer in the area specialise in making sure that those suffering from alcohol or substance abuse receive comprehensive treatment so that they are best set up for a successful recovery.

As mental health disorders are a common occurrence when dealing with substance abuse, we here at Psyclarity Health MA prioritize psychiatric care and closely monitor medication usage so that those seeking help with recovery in the Lynnfield area are given the best chance possible on the road to recovery.

Local Recovery Meetings in Lynnfield

  1. . First Things First BedfordA daily recovery meeting providing a safe space for those recovering from addiction.


    25 Great Road

    Bedford, MA, 01730


    1. Eye Opener Danvers

    An open discussion group which can be joined virtually or in person.


    46 Cherry Street

    Danvers, MA, 01923


    1. Heart to Heart Danvers

    A Friday meet-up which welcomes everyone to an open discussion about their struggles and achievements through their personal experience.


    34 Pickering Street

    Danvers, MA, 01923

Local AA Meetings in Lynnfield

  1. Chapter 2

A Monday evening meeting welcoming those recovering, struggling and overcoming addiction.


33 Lake Street

Peabody, MA, 01960


  1. Hiker Monument

An open discussion group where you will find others facing the same obstacles while sharing their stories.


1 Church Street

Wakefield, MA, 01880


  1. Breath Of Life

A 12-step meeting program which requires an application.


1 Church Street

Wakefield, MA, 01880

SMART Recovery Meetings in Lynnfield

SMART Recovery does not currently offer any in-person meetings in the Lynnfield area, but for those looking to have access to their weekly bulletin or one of their online meetings, the SMART Recovery website has all the info and more for you to access.

The nearest in-person SMART Recovery meeting takes place in Boston. They have a few available times, but the in-person and online option takes place on Wednesdays at 19:00 local time.

No payment is required and registration is free

Find Recovery for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Lynnfield

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is no easy task. The hardest step is admitting that there is a problem. By seeking our Psyclarity, you have already taken the biggest step. To have support along the way is the best chance you will have at overcoming your addiction. At Psyclarity Health Massachusetts, our various healthcare professionals and the services and treatments they offer will have you well on your way to your success story. We utilize an evidence-based, whole-patient approach that will give you the best chance of overcoming addiction and staying sober.

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